Corporate Finance

National Capital Group has extensive expertise in structuring transactions that provide an exit strategy for domestic or foreign investors with short or long-term holding periods by facilitating the resale of securities with a solid and reliable rate of return to the investors.

Our strategy focuses on providing funding through financial institutions that include qualified institutional buyers, family funds, and high net worth investment managers. We offer innovative approaches to solving corporate capital requirements and have the ability to provide service and support after the financing has been completed.

Our relationships with global banks and financial markets provide our clients, both public and private, with an array of financial packages to fund acquisitions, finance corporate expansions and undertake financial restructuring. We work closely with our clients to analyze and develop programs, which carefully balance cost, risk and terms.

Our in-house finance group, staffed with outstanding experienced people with worldwide experience, provides us with the edge over our competitors. NCG identifies opportunities and develops plans to maximize them, as well as assisting clients in understanding changing market dynamics.

Through our merchant banking capabilities, we become a strategic partner, involved in the development and growth of a business through more than merely an infusion of capita